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Standard Picket
Non Member Picket $ 350.00

Stake your claim in history with an Alberton Oval Picket.

Package Inclusions

Your name on a picket surrounding the perimeter of Alberton Oval

Tax deductible via the Australian Sports Foundation

Member Exclusive Price

By pledging your donation to a picket you are leaving your legacy at Alberton Oval for the next decade, as we continue to create a sustainable community and sporting hub for all with football at its heart.

Please note - you will need to be logged in to your Port Adelaide Football Club membership account to access the member price.

Through our fundraising partnership with the Australian Sports Foundation (ASF) donations are tax deductible. By making a donation to the Port Adelaide Football Club Picket Fundraising Campaign you are confirming that your gift is made unconditionally to the Australian Sports Foundation (ASF) and you agree to the ASF’s T&Cs and the Port Adelaide Football Club's T&Cs. The ASF will provide you with a tax-deductible receipt for your donation.

Need more information? View FAQs here.

On completion of your donation and before production of plaques, you will be contacted by the club to confirm details to appear on your picket.

Member Picket $0.00 $250
Non Member Picket $0.00 $350